onsdag 26. september 2012

Oops, no. Frida Kahlo(WIP)

Sudden-change-of-heart-mode ENABLED!

So, I chose something completely different after thinking for a while; Frida Kahlo!

Why? Mainly because this painting has a lot more to work with. It's also more similar to the one I'm painting. Whereas the Monet painting basically had almost no symbols, this one is chock-full of them.
So without further ado, let's get going!

The first similarity to note between our paintings is the use of animals; I use a raven and the skull of a wolf, while she uses a panther, a monkey and a hummingbird. All of these are black, just as I intend to paint mine black, or near enough.

Black an easily be seen as an ominous colour, as well as the colour for death. However, I think that, in this painting, Kahlo instead gave it a different meaning. Black cats, for instance, are seen as symbols of good luck instead of bad by some, for instance. In Hindu religion, the name of the deity Krishna means "The black one", whilst in Masai tribes, the colour is associated with rain clouds - a symbol of life and prosperity. Also, in Japanese culture, black is associated with honour, while white takes over the role of the "death colour".

Let's start off with the monkey, now.
Like the  other two, it is not completely black - its fingers, belly, and important facial bits. However, this is probably only to make it easier to see it properly. A monkey can be a symbol of mischief and/or aggression, depending on the type and size, and it is here very small. It is also a part of the Chinese Zodiac, though Kahlo was born a year before the Monkey.

The second animal one sees is the Panther, which can be viewed both as a creature of danger and death - and one of beauty and protection. In Native American culture, it was namely regarded as the protector of the universe. As with most big cats, it is also seen as a symbol of ferocity and valor, as well as being loners.

The last of the black animals is the hummingbird on the thorns. Now, the hummingbird, due to its speed, can be seen as a symbol of time - both having little time, or stopping time. It can also be a messenger: It is fast, and precise. Its ability to fly backwards can be a symbol of looking back, at our past - but without being consumed by it.

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