torsdag 25. april 2013


 Almost done now... I gotta say, knotwork is bloody hard! anyhoo, I found out thanks to Anisha that I can draw it on first, then carve. Not much else to say...

torsdag 18. april 2013

...and Carver was her name!

I printed out a template for the knotwork today, and I've been doing my best to follow it. I got about halfway round this lesson, and I feel like I'm really getting the hang of it now! Anyhoo, I'll also adorn the "body" of the horn with another knotwork of some sort, most likely one of the pictures. Shields are courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

torsdag 11. april 2013


I spent about 3/4 of an hour trying to burnish the horn today, before simply coating it in slip again. It didn't work as I'd hope, and I think I'll simply have it be matte. Besides that, I tried to draw some knotwork on graph paper, and I gotta say, it's still pretty hard! Anyhoo, not much else happened, besides a visit to the dentist right after class.

torsdag 4. april 2013

Black slip

I've tried a bit of carving now - Celtic knotwork is flipping hard to do! - And I've got an idea for what to do to make it more successfull. It's simple, really. I just copy down the template onto a paper, fasten it to the cup, and trace with a knife.
Anyhoo, I covered one of the cups in black slip, as well as the drinking horn, and rubbed a spoon over the horn for the last bit of the lesson.
Yes. I rubbed the horn with a spoon.