onsdag 23. november 2011


Firstly, I'm sorry that I haven't posted more. The recent time I've had other stuff on my mind, and have pushed this into the back of my mind, forgetting completely about it until yesterday evening.

So, cubism. In our current unit that is what we're working with, and I have come fairly far in the work. I tried to make the "frames" look like shards of broken glass, or like a window that someone had punched, making it break and shatter into smaller shards.

The picture I chose to compare with is "Guitar and violin" by Pablo Picasso. His piece as far more colours than mine, which is based upon a grayscale and pieces of newspapers (Mainly of grass and trees). Picasso also seems to have chosen to split it up less linearly than me, as I have made straight lines towards the center instead of the "Squares" that he has based his painting on. While he has more colors, however, his painting seems more "All over the place" than the more concentrated look of mine, which is in various shades of gray, mainly starting dark at the edges of objects and becoming lighter towards the center (Shading).
Picasso also has a lot more contours than I. In his painting, there a re contours almost everywhere, as opposed to in my drawing, in which there are only a few, necessary contours.
In addition to all of this, I have colored certain things (Such as one of the flowers) completely in one color (White in the case of the flower, making it stand out against the guitar behind it, which has been colored more with coal instead of chalk.), to symbolize some things. (In the case of the flower (Again), this is to symbolize the "Purity" of it, compared to the guitar, which is darker.) I also put cut-outs of grass in certain spots, mainly to give them a look closer to "Nature".