søndag 29. april 2012

Writeup - masks

Holy cow, I'm bad at regularity
We were shown some examples of masks in the first lesson, and I decided to go for an Aztec mask, mainly because I absolutely love Aztec culture. It also gives me a certain challenge, as Aztec masks were often carven from wood, before having mosaic stuck on top of the wood.

I started out with some chickenwire, pressing it onto my face to create a basic shape for it. With the shape done, it was covered in paper mache, creating a surface to work on (Even if it was a bit mangled.)

I also created a nose by covering bigger chunks of paper with paper mache and fastening them onto the face, similar to what I'd done with the Bulbasaur model. I also cut off pieces of the nose to give it some more definition.
After having done that, I prepared a plate of clay to fasten on the mask, and left it to dry for a week.

The pieces were glued on with a glue gun to create a surface similar to mosaic.

However, there were too few pieces, so another plate of clay was prepared.

Having done that, I stayed behind the Wednesday before it was due, as I would be absent THursday and Friday due to hospitering.
I painted the mask with a somewhat bluish-green paint mix, and filled in what slits I had time to fill in with black paint.

The finished product. Fairly nice, if somewhat mangled in the mouth-area.

Overall, it ended up okay. I could have worked a bit more on the side of the face, to straighten it up a bit. It probably should have been thicker as well. The eyes fall out easily, and should have been made earlier, and the cracks need to be filled in. Except for all that it was good.