onsdag 15. februar 2012

Writeup on Pop art

Gee, I really need to get better at this.
In the first lesson we were shown examples of pop art, and Mr. Roman explained what it was. I had quite a few ideas for what I should make, such as a warning about drinking and driving, or a pikachu, the very figure for pokémon, as it is, in a way, being consumed by the mass media and it's fans, until it is nothing but a pretty face for Nintendo to advertise with.
Mind you, I chose Bulbasaur instead.

I wanted it to give a certain sense of abandonment, as if it had been thrown away by it's owner, perhaps in favor of a newer pokémon. I chose Bulbasaur partly because it is #1 in the national pokédex, and partly because it is easy to use to make a feeling of having been thrown away. Originally, there wasn't really much more than that: a bulbasaur, weeping over the fact that it had been abandoned, forgotten because of the newer pokémon. However, after some tips from Mr. Roman, I decided it could have a background, such as an empty street, to increase and/or clarify the abandonment.
I started out making it from clay, but it proved difficult to make, as the clay would dry upso that it was nigh-on impossible to add new bits to it. A new tip from Mr. Roman, and I decided to finish it off using paper mache. Two things remained clay, though, namely the face and the bulb. I had to spend some extra time after school the Wednesday before it was due, but it was worth it.
I fastened the face onto the body by first creating a small triangle of sorts on the back of its head using the paper mache, before fastening it to the body using several layers of paper mache whilst supporting it on a box of paperclips to make sure it wouldn't fall off.
I ran out of time for the background, though, so Instead I just had it be a simple box advertising that the bulbasaur was up for adoption, with the box saying "Did you forget about us?" in red paint at the bottom.

I think it could have been better, as the bulb was much too small, and the face flatter than it ought to be. The colour of the body was also too green.  However, I am fairly happy with it despite those problems.

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