onsdag 1. februar 2012


Gee, long time no see, eh?
You know how I am (Hopefully); memory like a goldfish and concentration span shorter than the term itself.

Eniwei. I'm currently working on some pop art. A bulbasaur made out of clay, to be precise.

Last lesson I fastened the front legs to the body by using wet clay, as well as getting the stomach near completion. As you can see in the picture, it's supported bu a little modelling tool, so it'll be easier to make it look like it's sitting, which in turn is to make the weight a little easier on the legs. It's also almost hollow (It's filled with paper), again to make it easier on the legs. By the end, it'll (hopefully) have relatively bright colours (Green and blue, and a tiny bit of red), with the words "Did you forget all about us?" on the cardboard behind it.

Hopefully I'll remember to do this again later today.....

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  1. Pokemon!!!!!
    This so you, although i'm not really sure if it's popartish.

    But the quote thing i though was really great.

    Good Luck!!!